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Woes for beer retailers in Mucheke

Beer retailers in the high density residential area of mucheke are suffering a huge blow on their day to day business because of low prices which are being charged by their stockists.

Stockists instead of selling beer to the retailers, they are selling it directly to the cunsumers at low prices which had a greater impact on the retailer’s sustainability.

A retailer from mucheke, on condition of anonymity said that stockists like Father and Chakabuda are buying a single crate of beer at us$10 from Delta Beverages and sell to retailers at us$13 and after that they sell each beer at us$1.20 in their retail shops which is a greater disadvantage to the retailers who buy from these stockists for resale.

Also another retailer said that these stockists are abusing their licenses because their mandate is to buy beer from Delta Beverages and sell to retailers to avoid transport cost but now they are now selling as retailers which is suffocating them economically in their business.

He also said that these stockists are threatening their business sustainability due to reduced profits and it is difficult for them to pay rentals and to earn a living through selling beer.

Compiled by Calvin Muvheyi

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A mob of Great Zimbabwe University students who identified themselves as Zimbabwe national student union (ZINASU) members, a student board per say were fuming as they met this morning at the school hotspot in Mashava campus as they had been informed to vacate from their school residential area that same very day without being informed prior to the expulsion that had been announced to them and their fellow colleagues the previous night.

When interviewed , Blessing Bvunzawabaya who is a member said that “we have been quiet for too long now cause the institution has been doing the same thing for about three semesters now why don’t they give us an organized semester calendar ,as of now some of our fellow students do not even have transport money for travelling back home, enough is enough”.

Its unfortunate that the meeting did not end well as the security and the police arrived unannounced falsely accusing  the ZINASU members that they were conspiring to burn school structures. The security when contacted they refused to comment as the institution does not allow them to.

Compiled by Sethule Nyathi.

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Racism in Sports

The cricket world witnessed a shameful moment as the 3rd test between Australia and India was halted for 10 minutes after some racial abuse from fans aimed at Indian players. The suspected fans were ejected from the stadium by police in order to give passage to match proceedings. Cricket Australia immediately launched an investigation that has received full support from the cricket governing body. While sport has been globally viewed as the glue to people of different race, nationalities and culture, this has been questioned due to the different acts by some fans. In football most players still take a knee before the match as a sign against racism. The question remains as to whether it should be seen as simply social injustice or an offence worthy of greater punishments? If offenders were punished in a manner to make a statement, it would see a quick fall in cases of racial abuse. The abuse comes as a big tormenting factor on athletes’ confidence hence an affected performance. On the other hand athletes should remain united and speak against racism.

Compiled by

Nyasha Mwalija.


Tussle over the Lockdown Restrictions

On Monday the 30th of March 2020, a lockdown was declared in Zimbabwe due to the Coronavirus pandemic. During this phase up to now, students, workers and everyone has found it as a horrible time hard to cope up with. As it is said that it is difficult to say what is impossible for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and reality of tomorrow. Many people saw the lockdown as a great pillar responsible for shattering all their hopes and capabilities. People are prone to adjust to a change and in this regard adapting to an online change in whatever sector that one relies in, tends to be gruelling like an experience in the jungle. Network coverages, WiFi, data bundle tariffs and technical gadgets to use for e-learning and working online (workers) have promoted a digital divide limiting people from fully participating on through the online platforms. They are some of the factors which hinders scholars and workers progression. On of the students who learns at Mukombami High School in Mrehwa insisted that if the government could help by offering smart phones to the candidates who are supposed to write their final exams in rural areas, it will mean and change the lives of so many students out there. So many drop outs have been recorded and in this instance these are as a result of what the lockdown has brewed up. Teenage girls are getting into early marriages and indeed it seems not so well for it to continue happening like that.Therefore in order to curb the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic throughout the world, everyone is reminded to adhere to the regulations induced in the country by World Health Organisation(WHO). Bearing in mind that people must isolate, regularly wash hands as often as many times, Sanitizing and Masking up all the time.

A picture of a young woman who dropped out of school and got married.

Published by Tafadzwa Kapocho.


A Tormented soul!

Within myself is a tormented voice
So disgruntled that l’ m left wother no choice.
Can’t l do anything acceptable but noise?
A wretched voice of pain it brings
As painful as been stings.
There is a part that sings.
As though it has been struck by an arrow.
The tormented song of sorrow
My heart despair
To the serenity of loneliness
Any clue for a repair?
I’m deprived of all the happiness
In agony about today and tom0
Is there any light at the end of a darkness?
My heart is bleeding by sorrow
For life casts me in profound sadness.
Within a realm of sadness
Dreams comes narrow
Is there any of hope of light in this darkness?
An infinite question of sorrow.
I yearn for the art of tenderness,
I yearn for a better tomorrow.
A relief from my heart of bitterness
Alas, changes appear pretty shallow
That is why l am plagued by a tormented soul.
By Tafadzwa Kapocho.

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Let’s not be ignorant, Covid-19 is real- mask up, sanitize and always practice social distancing.

Great Zimbabwe University Block Students queueing at the dining hall ..”no mask” “no social distancing!!!”….tinochengetwa naMwari handiti🙏

New born baby was found abandoned in a plastic bag at Victoria Ranch dump site.

On the 24th of June at around 0900hrs a plastic bag with an infant approximately 1 day old wrapped in newspapers showing signs of no life was found at Victoria Range dumpsite.

A man named Bernard Matare(24) who was picking plastic containers at the dump site picked the plastic bag and he immediately reported the case to Chikato Police Station the police reached the scene where they took the body to Masvingo Provincial Hospital for postmortem.

Investigations are underway to find who the mother of the baby is..

Compiled by

Chantelle Tatenda Muzanenhamo.

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Schools opening delayed by two weeks.

School children are now ready to learn.

CABINET today said the opening of schools be delayed by another two weeks from June 28 and give government more days to monitor the situation.
In a post Cabinet briefing, Media heard that Cabinet had approved that the reopening of schools and other learning institutions be delayed by a further 14 days.
“The reopening of schools shall delayed by another 14 days as government monitors schools and other learning institutions,” read the briefing by Cabinet.
Government will be monitoring the situation and a review will be made after two weeks,” continued the communique.Government said the situation had been necessitated by the surge in COVID-19 of both to the local and regional cases.

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Asked to confirm or deny how truthful the Cabinet statement was, the Primary and Secondary education minister Cain Mathema’s response was uncouth:
“Who told you you that? Go and ask those people who told you.”
Told that this journalist had seen the communique on social media, minister Mathema was livid and still insisted that I go to the same source for answers.
Meanwhile, this publication heard that while addressing a Press conference on the post-Cabinet briefing today, Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa said the recent spike in COVID-19 cases that have seen pockets of localised lockdowns in Kwekwe, Karoi, Mt Darwin, and other areas had prompted the delay in the re-opening of schools for the second term from June 28 by another two weeks.

Published by Shamiso Chiwanire.


A video by Thabiso Nxumalo and Pension Muputeya on polyandry.

Giving serious thought to the possibilities of polyandry.